Previous Events

To date two previous UK & Ireland Peering Forums have been arranged. The first was held in Leeds in the North of England in 2015 and the second in Dublin in the Republic of Ireland the following year. These events featured a more formal event agenda with bi-lateral peering sessions where attendees could meeting a discuss current or potentail peering opportunties.

UK & Ireland Peering Forum 1.0

Wednesday 16th September 2015

The first UK & Ireland Peering Forum event was staged at the Holiday Inn Royal Victoria - Sheffield. It was a half day meeting held before UKNOF32 which took place in the afternoon at the same venue. The social formed part of LONAP's AGM meeting social but all those registered for the UK and Ireland Peering Forum were welcome to attend.

UK & Ireland Peering Forum 2.0

Monday 20th June 2016

The second UK & Ireland Peering Forum was held in the Irish Aviation Authority Conference Centre located on D'Olier Street, right in the heart of Dublin City. It was a half day event which ended with lunch at the Conference Centre followed by an invitation to attend the INEX meeting later the same day.

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